TWILLY – Material cu insertie termocolata

The Best Base for Badges

Logos, appliqués, emblems – the right base fabric is decisive for best effects! TWILLY is a robust twill fabric, CANVAY a durable canvas fabric. Both fabrics have a permanent nonwoven coating on the back. This results in sturdy fabrics without giving up the textile structure. Why two different fabrics? Due to its twill weave, TWILLY is the ideal base fabric for most badges, whereas small letterings and intricate details are more distinct on the plain weave of CANVAY. Contrary to TWILLY, you can print onto CANVAY because it consists of 100% polyester. Laser-cut appliqués guarantee absolutely neat embroidery edges and save the time of manual cutting. Another great advantage is that letters and monograms turn out needle-sharp. An impressive quality for extremely comfortable processing.

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