FILMOPLAST® – Intaritura (insertie) autoadeziva broderie

The Multifunctional Embroidery Nonwoven!

FILMOPLAST® is the epitome of stabilizer versatility: only the nonwoven is hooped in the frame, the fabrics to be embroidered are simply placed on top. This prevents frame marks on delicate fabrics. As adhesive version it stabilises woven and knit materials while improving stitch images. And extremely small pieces not suitable for hooping can be embellished just as conveniently with this versatile adhesive film. Even caps are quickly customised without using a special cap frame – simply stick them on FILMOPLAST®and off you go! FILMOPLAST® is economical. Holes left in the hooped film after embroidery completion are simply covered with remnant pieces. Eliminating repeated hooping of the frames, setting-up and stoppage times will be minimised which truly saves time during production processes. All in all: it’s an investment that optimises your profits!

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